Map. History of Al Qaeda conflict

16 January 2018
2 小時 前
At least three militants were killed in the attack on Daynunay, while 1 govt soldier was injured in Gofgudud Burey, per regional security source. Both bases locate in Bay region of Somalia
Libya's GNA issues a statement on Mitiga Airport clashes: GNA condemns the attack. Says the attack is an attempt to free militants from AQ/ISIS held by Rada at the Mitiga prison facility
3 天 前
The Somali national army radio is reporting that Danab special forces have 'destroyed' Al-Shabab militia outposts in Leego town area killing 10 militants on Friday. Leego remains one of the towns in Lower Shabelle region controlled by the group since Aug when AU troops vacated it
IED explosion near Al-Salam Hotel in Seiyun city Wadi Hadramout this morning destroyed a car, damaged homes and shops, and injured at least one civilian. Reportedly targeted a passing military vehicle. Yemen
4 天 前
Somali govt forces and Kenyan troops clashed in the Somali town of El-Wak at 7:30am this morning after mistaking each other respectively for Al-Shabab militants during patrol, leading to heavy exchange of gunfire, a Somali security officer was killed: residents
Jaysh al-Badiyah, one of the handful former HTS battalions that have declared loyalty to al-Qaida, flies the AQ in Syria flag during their attack on government positions in Eastern Hama.
US airstrikes kill key al-Qaida AQAP leaders in Yemen, per @CENTCOM: External ops facilitator Miqdad al Sana'ani - Dec 15, al-Bayda governorate; arms facilitator Habib al-Sana'ani - Dec 19, Marib governorate; Dawah committee member Abu Umar al-Sana'ani - Nov 20, al-Bayda
Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP) using an upgraded photo template to publish it's latest photo essay, this one showing militants attacking Saudi-coalition backed Hadrami Elite forces in the Daw'an District of the Hadhramaut Governorate
AQAP militants used RPGs and B-10 recoilless rifle during their attack on the Hadrami Elite forces camp in Budha area of Doan Hadramout. Four attackers were killed. Yemen
A car bomb in Shabwa province targeting Yemeni elite forces while clearing the remnants of pockets of al-Qaeda
Car bomb blast wounds two in Mogadishu
Two govt soldiers dead and armored vehicle partially burned in roadside explosion in Mogadishu - Media reports
1 週 前
Puntland deploys more troops near Tukaraq.
A soldier was killed by gunmen suspected being fighters from AlShabaab in Afgoye district in lower Shabeelle region
Gunmen shot dead an elder in Afgoye district in lower Shabeelle region. Somalia
US designates al-Shabab deputy leader as 'global terrorist'
Algeria- weapons cache discovered in Tamanrasset, near Mali-Niger border, including some unusual (to the area) findings: - G3 with folding stock - FN MAG (despite being called FMPK) - Unknown rocket launcher/ammo container (Common- 2 AKs, 2 SKS, 2 HMG barrels, ammo)
US State Dept adds three people affiliated with al Qaeda to terrorist list
Aden Ibrahim, junior Al-Shabab operational commander surrendered this week to govt forces in Gedo region, southern Somalia. (photo by @SONNALIVE)1 週 前
Aden Ibrahim, junior Al-Shabab operational commander surrendered this week to govt forces in Gedo region, southern Somalia. (photo by @SONNALIVE)
Kenia: Al Shabaab claims killing 6 Kenyan policemen near Kutlo district
USA forces conducted an airstrike against al-Shabaab militants on Jan. 2, approx 50 km west of the Somalia capital Mogadishu and killed 2 militants and destroying 1 VBIED. AFRICOM says they assess no civilians were killed in this strike.
Five security officers were killed on Tuesday in an attack by suspected Al-Shabaab militants on the Elwak-Kotulo road in Mandera.
Two men armed with pistols shot dead Somalia's Military Court Chief Colonel Hassan Ali Shute's father. The father was killed near his home after returned back from evening prayers at a Mogadishu mosque last night-Alshabaab claimed the responsibility Witnesses and Police
Kenya: KDF claims 5 alShabaab involved in Ijara attack killed on 31 Dec, say others fled to Saira area/ Somalia border, some may be wounded seeking treatment
Al-Qaeda's Hamza bin Laden announces death of his son "Osama", but did not reveal how he was killed
Ansar al-Furqan Claims Bombing Oil Pipeline in 1st Operation in Iranian City of Ahvaz
AQIS new video "Saffron Terror Part 4" focuses on the wave of Hindu nationalist violence in order to exploit ethnic-religious tensions for its own aims.
U.S. confirms conducting a new airstrike, killing four militants and destroying a VBIED - per @USAfricaCommand
AFRICOM: US forces conducted an airstrike against al-Shabaab militants in the early evening hours of Dec. 27, west of the capital, killing 4 and destroying 1 vehicle-borne IED
Mali: Exchanges of gunfire last night between FAMa and jihadists in Koro (ville), Mopti Region, no victims but population terrified