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18 September 2018

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Somali special forces seize Mubarak and Awdhegle towns from Al-Shabab following an early morning attack; operation still ongoing; Al-Shabab fighters have retreated towards Toratorow. Reports say troops are accompanied by U.S. military advisers: security sources
SNA Troops backed by US air forces have taken the control of Mubarak and Awdhiigle towns following the withdrawal of Al Shabab militants-local media
Somali forces have recaptured several main villages from Al Shabab militants in Lower Shabelle province on Monday morning
A reported U.S. airstrike targeted AQAP militants in al Sawma'a district, al Bayda governorate, central Yemen on 07 FEB according to local news sources. Al Sawma'a district is a common location for U.S. airstrikes against AQAP.
Pakistan has played an important role in defeating Al Qaeda, combating ISIS in region: US
7 month ago
U.S. Central Command: US forces launched 18 airstrikes in Yemen in Dec/Jan against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and ISIS. Two AQAP leaders killed. US launched 120 airstrikes in Yemen last year, 3x more than in 2016
George Washington University investigation identified 64 Americans who joined jihadists groups
7 month ago
Al Shabab militants have recaptured El-Wak town in Somalia's Gedo province following the withdrawal of Somali national army forces on Friday morning
South, southeast and east of Algiers: Army says killed 15 among Droukdel's personnel during January 2018
Two members of al-Qaeda were killed in a drone strike in the province of Al Bayda of Yemen
Big haul for Russia AF today: 5 top HTS commanders killed in airstrike near Abu al-Duhour. Allegedly incl Abu Musab al-Suri, senior AQ operative that was in Syria prison in 2014 and no further news about him
"We must know that our battle is longIt is a battle of behavior and caring little for the world before explosions, assassinations and taking war spoils" AQ's Zawahiri says per @siteintelgroup translation
A Ugandan national who is said to be a chef has been shot dead inside UNICEF compound in Mogadishu. Attacker is believed to be a former security guard at the compound who was fired from the job, investigators arrived the scene, perpetrator 'escaped': security sources.
7 month ago
AlShabaab claims to have burned an armored vehicle carrying Ethiopian soldiers in explosion in Bardale town
Reports that a vehicle carrying Somali soldiers was the target of the blast,One civilian wounded-residents
Roadside explosion took place near Ex-Digfer hospital in Mogadishu's Hodan district- Sources
Somalia lures defectors in new push against insurgents
U.S. has pointed AQAP's scholar Shaykh al-Mujahid Khalid Batarfi as a Specially Designated Global "Terrorist"
"ISIS and Al Qaeda are difficult targets for sure" says @CIA Dir Mike Pompeo. "Success on battlefield helps "It provides us real opportunities to reach in There are more people who decide being part of Team America is better than being part of Team Jihadi" adding Pompeo
Speech by AQAP official Khalid Batarfi titled "Our Duty Towards Our Quds" responds to Jerusalem decision and calls for attacks: "greatest responsibility lies upon the Muslims in America and the Western countries in the world"
Armed men attacked a police station in Ghana's capital Accra, killing an officer, freeing unknown number of cell inmates: local media
The SBU detained an Uzbek citizen, member of extremism "Jihadchilar" organization
8 month ago
A US military official tells me that US Special Operations Forces participated in a Jan. 18 Somali-led raid on an al-Shabaab camp in the Middle Shabelle region that helped rescue approx. 30 Somali child conscripts. US forces were in an advisory role
US airstrike kills four Al Shabab militants near Kismaayo town on Thursday according to @USAfricaCommand
US airstrike targets alShabab near Kismayo Somalia, killing 4 militants per @USAfricaCommand. No civilians killed per officials8 month ago
US airstrike targets alShabab near Kismayo Somalia, killing 4 militants per @USAfricaCommand. No civilians killed per officials
US forces backed Somali commandos have destroyed an Al Shabab training camp in Lower Shabelle province, killing at least 10 militants
8 month ago
Five members of Al-Qaeda Network have been killed in Afghan and foreign security forces joint operation in the Sherzado district of eastern Nangarhar province
AlQaeda Yemen releases new 37min spy film "Secrets, Dangers and Departure of the Best". Implies huge pressure on AQAP from informers and drones. Spies exposed seem relaxed and talk freely (in present tense) on how they work
8 month ago
At least three militants were killed in the attack on Daynunay, while 1 govt soldier was injured in Gofgudud Burey, per regional security source. Both bases locate in Bay region of Somalia
Libya's GNA issues a statement on Mitiga Airport clashes: GNA condemns the attack. Says the attack is an attempt to free militants from AQ/ISIS held by Rada at the Mitiga prison facility
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