Map. History of Al Qaeda conflict

20 November 2017
Kenya: Intelligence report suggests that Kenyan Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Iman is likely to leave the terrorist organisation
The FSB has made a database of foreign militants - Lavrov
Qatari State Minister for Defense Khaled al-Attaiyah: We did not support al-Nusra and Nusra-like in #Syria. #SaudiArabia was with us in an alliance relating #Syria.
IS claims assasination of a Somali police officer in Afgooye, lower Shebelle Somalia
Every single Al Shabab militant terrorizes 850 Somali civilians according to analysis
Al Shabab publishes poster of its objectives in Somalia
Al Shabab claims to have attacked a Kenyan military base in Lamu, Kenya -Al Shabab channels
Mali: JNIM claimed complex attack (IED+direct fire) against MINUSMA convoy on November 9 between Simbi and Boni, Mopti; on the night between November 10-11 a unit attempted to conduct a kidnapping attack on a FAMa CP near Ansongo but routed by combined FAMa/Barkhane effort
“We can’t quit worrying about ISS and alQaida…and we have rogue actors all the way up to the Russians”, @MacTXPress tells @NewAmerica Special Ops Policy Forum
U.S. mounts air strike against al Shabaab militants in Somalia
[email protected]: the US conducted an airstrike in Somalia against al-Shabaab on Tuesday, "killing several militants" 60mi NW of Mogadishu
@SomaliPM is off to Barawe, a former Al shabab stronghold town in Lower Shabeelle province. Mortar attack targeted an airport in the town on Wednesday morning.
Lebanese Intelligence has arrested "Mustafa al-Hujairi" who aided Jabhat al-Nusra and conspired against the Lebanese Army in Arsal
CCTV footage purportedly shows Al-Shabab's "TM" truck hitting other vehicles (consistent with witness accounts) on its way to K-5 junction where it exploded - one month ago today - killing at least 414 people, wounded hundred
[email protected] aired the CCTV footage of 14th November attack that killed 500 people and wounded 500 others. the diedliest single attack in the country's history
US offcial confirms that no US personnel were involved in Mogadishu convoy explosion
Shabaab Media Unit Reports Suicide Bombing on American Convoy Near Mogadishu
Al Shabab official tells 5 US personnel had been killed in the attack after a suicide bomber targeted AU convoy escorting US officials. No independent confirmation yet
Deadly car bomb hits African Union troops' vehicle near Mogadishu
Reports of an explosion outside Mogadishu. A witness tells local media that AU convoy was the target
Pentagon now says 5 airstrikes in Somalia Thursday-Sunday killed 40 al-Shabaab and ISIS fighters (36 al-Shabaab, 4 ISIS)
Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim effectively admits he has no evidence against Gulen when pressed by @FareedZakaria, instead he claims US offered no evidence against al-Qaeda yet Turkey went along with Afghan invasion.
US Africa Command now says it conducted two more drone strikes against ISIS and al-Shabab in Somalia today, 26 total now in 2017
Egypt: AQ-linked Jamaat Jund al-Islam condemns the massacre of 9 cement truck drivers on Thursday on the road between Hasna and Baghdad, Central Sinai, and also accuses ISIS and the EG army for the bloodshed in Sinai
Pentagon: US conducted another airstrike in Somalia against al-Shabaab FRI, "killing several militants," took place 20 miles north Mogadishu
Djibouti is planning to send troops to Somalia following federal government's plea for support to fight against Alshabaab.
Fierce fighting between SNA forces and Al Shabab militants ongoing outside Bal'ad district, residents say
In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. forces conducted an airstrike in Somalia against alShabaab on Thur., Nov. 9 at approximately 3 p.m. local Somalia time, killing several militants, according @USAfricaCommand
A number of al-Shabaab militants were killed in a U.S. military air-strike in the Bay Region of Somalia, about 100 miles west of the capital, Mogadishu in Somalia
The group are also planning two separate attacks, the potential target locations are hotels and popular areas in Mogadishu, timing remains unknown – source