Map. History of Al Qaeda conflict

5 Haziran 2020
[email protected]: "Today President Trump signed an executive order to address the deteriorating security situation in Mali. The President's executive order will freeze assets and suspend travel for individuals or entities that seek to undermine the peace, security or stability of Mali"
Qatar's air force airlifted mayor of Mogadishu and 10 other officials for medical treatment in Doha after being injured in a suicide bomb attack claimed by AlShabaab in Mogadishu
Libya GNA security forces arrested three suspected AQ members in the outskirts of Tripoli. They seized one AKMS, two AKMs (could be Romian), Libyan made Makarov, 9mm pistol, two F1, one RGD-5 and a M67 grenade. Also ammo, mags (one Russian RPK mag) and a bulletproof vest
Minister of Information Abdi Xayir Mareye confirmed 6 people including 2 district commissioners and 3 regional directors killed, while 6 others lead by the Mayor Yarisow and District commoners were injured and currently ongoing treatments in the hospitals
Mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman injured in explosion in his office, he is being evacuated to a hospital, officials. Early reports indicate an explosion occurred inside the HQs of Mogadishu
A suicide explosion reported at Mogadishu municipality HQ and followed by heavy gunfire ongoing. Many feared dead - Witness
Somali media: a suicide bombing in the capital Mogadishu and exchange of fire following it
Explosion of a car bomb at a French military base in the Gao region, Mali
17 dead and 28 wounded by a car bomb in Mogadishu
At least 17 killed nearly 30 others injured in Mogadishu car bomb blast, per medical sources. The Al-Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack
Local sources say at least 13 people killed and several others injured in car bomb attack at check point near an Hotel towards Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu
A major explosion was reported in Mogadishu, followed by gunfire. The target would be a security checkpoint leading to the airport The operating mode resembles that used by Boko Haram (to be confirmed)
US going after alQaida branch in Mali, Jama'at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin (JNIM), and JNIM official Bah Ag Moussa "As a leader within JNIM, Bah Ag Moussa directly contributes to the violence and instability fueled by al-Qa'ida's terrorism" per @USTreasury's Sigal Mandelker
New counter-terrorism designations by @USTreasury target national of Mali and Morocco.
10 ay önce
Al Shabaab media claims killing and injuring 20 Ethiopian soldiers in Halgan disctrict Hiran region
Burkina Faso: Army position attacked this morning in Natiaboani, Gourma Province (Est Region), three assailants killed and ten soldiers wounded, according to a provisional toll10 ay önce
Burkina Faso: Army position attacked this morning in Natiaboani, Gourma Province (Est Region), three assailants killed and ten soldiers wounded, according to a provisional toll
Somali government: the death toll of the attack on a hotel in the city of Kismayo south of the country rises to 26 dead and 56 injured
Sustained gunfire heard from Hotel As-Asey in Kismayo a short while ago where Al-Shabaab militants are holed up; about 4 militants are thought to be involved in the attack. #KismayoAttack
Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh among those killed in an attack on a hotel in Somalia.
The death of Farid Jama, Hodan Nalayeh's husband has been confirmed by Jubbaland regional officials. Jama was a former minister of commerce and industries of Jubbaland regional administration - official
A car bomb attack on a hotel in Somalia killed at least seven people, including aid workers, local political leaders and journalists.
Senator Ahmed Haashi was killed in a suicide bombing attack at a hotel in Kismayo.
An explosion reported in a hotel in the city of Kismayo, in southern Somalia
A car bomb exploded in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Monday morning, causing no casualties
11 ay önce
Al-Shabaab stone man to death for rape, execute three others by firing squad in the town of Jamame, on Sunday - per militant sites. The three executed include a woman who was accused of spying for Kenya.
Galkayo police Commander Awil Nur Roble injured in IED explosion planted in his vehicle - reports11 ay önce
Galkayo police Commander Awil Nur Roble injured in IED explosion planted in his vehicle - reports
11 ay önce
CENTCOM: U.S. Forces conducted a strike against al-Qaida in Syria (AQ-S) leadership at a training facility near Aleppo Province, Syria, June 30, 2019.
AlQaeda loyalist group Huras al-Din was targeted in a precision strike today in al-Muhandiseen, in western Aleppo. Some locals accuse US aircraft of being responsible
The International Coalition has targeted a Hurras Al-Deen Headquarter at Al-Muhandiseen in West Aleppo Countryside
Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Hassan Janan arrives in Mogadishu, receives warm welcome by top govt officials. Mr Janan is one of the close friends with President Ahmed Madoobe, sources indicating that the govt wants to woo the minister ahead of Jubbaland election.
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