Map. History of Al Qaeda conflict

20 September 2018
French police arrest seven people in Paris and its suburbs and the Alpine region on charges of preparing for a terrorist attack
10 month ago
Several police men including officers killed in an Alshabaab ambush near Elwak town, vehicles burnt.
10 month ago
Four men were beheaded by AlShabaab in Bu'ale town after being accused of spying for Somalia and Ethiopia
Mali: Malian army vehicle struck by IED at the entrance to the camp in Soumpi, 1 dead and 3 wounded
10 month ago
Al Shabab publicly executed four men for being Somali and Ethiopian spies in Buale town, Southern Somalia-reports
Twin suicide attacks hit Yemen security buildings in Aden, killing five: official
Bakr bin Laden, chairman of Binladin group (and oldest brother of Osama BL) also arrested by MBS orders
U.S. official says two strikes were carried out against Islamic State militants in northeastern Somalia
10 month ago
Al-Qaeda suspect Samiun Rahman, accused of radicalising Rohingyas to fight Myanmar Army, moves application in Delhi's Patiala House Court
An eyewitness confirmed, 3 people wounded after a bomb fitted into a car went off near Banaadir junction in Mogadishu. Somalia
10 month ago
AlShabaab ambushed a convoy carrying government troops in Burhakaba town. Somalia
10 month ago
Hundreds of Ethiopian troops were deployed to Luuq town in Gedo region to conduct massive operations against Al Shabab – sources
Osamabin Laden followed developments in Kashmir, trial of David Coleman Headley in 2008 Mumbai attack case: Documents
Bin Laden also studied this U.S. document on his own computer10 month ago
Bin Laden also studied this U.S. document on his own computer
“Q: If an Islamic State is established, would the Mujahideen be part of it? OBL: “We can’t be part of a State unless it has the power to stand up to Israel or eradicate it.”
In May 2011, bin Laden had seemingly low hopes a full-fledged uprising would take place in Syria but he was confident it’d get there gradually down the line, especially when other uprisings would succeed. “The flood is coming”
In his notebook, bin Laden answers a question about who would list as a religious influence: “I was committed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Their resources were limited. I read Sira (prophet’s biography). Meeting once a week, a set of pages. Religious influence wasn’t much.”
10 month ago
The CIA now has the massive trove of hundreds of thousands of bin Laden files available on its web site
CIA releases massive trove of bin Laden files, including first adult images of his son Hamza, AQ's next leader10 month ago
CIA releases massive trove of bin Laden files, including first adult images of his son Hamza, AQ's next leader
Niger defense minister asks U.S. to deploy armed drones against militants
10 month ago
Gunfire heard in Eritrea's capital as protests break out, U.S. embassy says
10 month ago
Hearing reports of an explosion in Bosaso
Abu Mansuur was former Al Shabab deputy leader and spokesman before he surrendered himself to the federal government of Somalia months ago
Former Al Shabab spy boss Sakariye Ismail is shortlisted to be next NISA chief following the sacking of Abdullahi Sanbaloolshe
Somalia sacks police, intelligence chiefs following a second deadly terrorist attack in Mogadishu in two weeks
Survivor recounts losing family members and being rescued from Nasa Hablod hotel as govt sacks security chiefs
Somalia police end night-long siege of hotel, 23 dead
Somalia sacks Intel Chief Abdullahi Mohamed Sanbalolshe and Cmdr of the Police Abdihakim Saaid after dead Shabab attack: Minister
Second blast goes off in Nasahablod hotel in Mogadishu
Another massive explosion heard in Mogadishu. Somalia
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